Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School, New York, United States

Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School is a public Career and Technical Education high school located at 131 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, USA. It is a part of district 2 in the New York City Department of Education.CurriculumThe curriculum at Chelsea is arranged so that all students may take their chosen CTE sequence, while earning a regular or advanced regents high school diploma. Each student is required to take the same classes as the average high school student, with the exception that the foreign language requirement is only 2 credits (one full year instead of three). The only language offered at Chelsea is Spanish. In the requirements for an Advanced Regents diploma, the foreign language proficiency regent is exempted due to the many hours of their CTE sequences, averaging a full hour every day. In addition Chelsea has advanced placement (AP) courses which include Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition, Government and Politics: United States, Physics C: Mechanics, Spanish Language, and United States History.CTE shop classesThe shops are all pre-approved programs by the Department of Education and related industries. Each program has its own certification to be obtained by taking a test in the senior year. All programs have internship opportunities and a certification test that must be taken.Additionally, based on industry and DOE standards, a student graduating from Chelsea High School may be eligible for a Technical Endorsement seal on their diploma, which is equivalent to work experience of two years related to their CTE sequence. 131 Avenue of the Americas 10013 New York United States Call: (212) 925-1080
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Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School, New York, United States

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