Support Local - South of Adelaide small businesses, Adelaide, Australia

Supporting local! This page is here to support small local business SOUTH of Adelaide and to offer a place where people can ask for recommendations on local services. Let's support our local community and have some fun / networking along the way! This page has been created this page for many reasons. We are huge fans of shopping local and supporting our local community and wanted a place where you could all meet, network and promote. 1. To enable all of us to support local small business SOUTH of Adelaide, South Australia. So, the idea is, if you are a WAHP or you have a small business and are located from Marion to Aldinga or even slightly beyond, then stop by this page to let your local community know what you are doing. You can share a link, a photo or even a special offer but remember, the more people you tell about the page the more people that will see what you have to offer! 2. To provide a one page opportunity for local business owners to support each other, network, share ideas, business tips and information. All opportunities to make your business and our local community stronger. And let's not forget to make great new friends!! 3. To enable our local community to come here and see what businesses are accessible and even to ask a question for a service or product someone would like to buy local and gain our recommendations if we have any. Additional options I offer to support our local businesses, FREE of charge: 1. Sunday nights I offer the opportunity to get your business logo used as our profile pic for the week. This is done by commenting on the LOGO night post with a tag of your business page, ensure you read the post carefully, this is a fun and great opportunity for some free exposure for your business. What are you waiting for, tell us about what's on special or what's going on in your business, today! aldinga 5173 Adelaide Australia
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Support Local - South of Adelaide small businesses, Adelaide, Australia

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