Local Business Randolph MA, Randolph, United States

We are an Authorized Massachusetts Real Estate Pre-Licensing School. Located in Kingston MA and Randolph MA. As an Authorized Real Estate Pre-Licensing School for obtaining your Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson License or Broker's License, we pride ourselves in getting you to pass the exam on the first try. While that's not possible for everyone, our flexible schedule, our motto of "you are our student until you pass" gives everyone an opportunity to pass this exam. Special one on one training for those who request additional training. On-line practice tests that are unlimited for you until you pass the test. Q&A from the instructor(s) any time, during your classes, after class, after you get your license. We love hearing back from our students with information about them, how they are doing and answering any questions that might come up in their day to day career. With South Shore Signature Real Estate School - It's Done Your Way!! Call: (781) 585-5027
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Local Business Randolph MA, Randolph, United States

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