Cofeology Cafe & Restaurant, Malacca City, Malaysia

Restaurant The ingredients that are put together in its meal are coming from the local farmers and breeders with a sole purpose to help building the local economy, a plate at a time. However, this does not make it shy away from the global perspective, as it also serves premium specialty coffee. The beans are sourced directly from farmers from all over the world as to ensure that the farmers benefit entirely from their hard work. Cofeology only serves the top 5% of the world’s finest beans available in the international trade. Its attention to quality and the pride of brewing a perfect cup of coffee is a non-negotiable matter. 23 Ixora Condomunium Bukit Beruang Street de Dahlia Avenue 75350 Malacca City Malaysia Call: +6012 691 2090
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Cofeology Cafe & Restaurant, Malacca City, Malaysia

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