Leonardo's Restaurant & Cafe Bar, Castletown, Isle Of Man

The best Italian restaurant in the south of the Isle of Man where the warmth of the Mediterranean is reflected in the delicious food and hospitality. Mystery Solved A new restaurant in Castletown marks the end of centuries of speculation and uncertainty as to where to get the best meal in the Isle of Man. A brand new restaurant offering an inspired take on traditional Italian fare; crave-worthy steaks and fish dishes; soul-satisfying vegan dishes, and a variety of heart-warming desserts has opened in the Isle of Man. Leonardos is ideally situated in the heart of the historic and picturesque ancient capital, Castletown. Directly opposite Castle Rushen, one of the world’s best preserved Medieval Castles, Leonardos is surrounded by a number of other historic landmarks such as The Old House of Keys; The Old Grammar School, and Market Square, to name but a few. Renaissance Period Water Well Discovered During the construction of Leonardos Restaurant an old Renaissance period water well was uncovered at the rear of the property. The well is thought to date back to the Rennaisance, but may be substantially older, having been rebuilt several times over the ages. The developers of Leonardos have lovingly uncovered this well, which can now be viewed within the restaurant, beneath a layer of safety floor glass, near the bar/ serving area. Peering down into the depths of the well, you cannot but think of the countless generations who looked down the exact same well, and what they would have thought of this 21st century adaptation of their “watering hole”. Stanley House, Castle Street IM9 1LF Castletown Isle Of Man Call: 01624827635
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Leonardo's Restaurant & Cafe Bar, Castletown, Isle Of Man

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