The Fostering Mom - Connie Kerbs, Writer, Clayton, United States

PLEASE LIKE The FOSTERING MOM - writing to nurture & inspire family success! The Fostering Mom writes to nurture and inspire the good care-giving of children. All children - foster, adopted, biological, special needs, gifted, economically challenged, or otherwise, learning challenged or academically superior - deserve the best chance to reach their fullest potential. Children can best reach this potential in a loving, stable, enriched environment - with caregivers who are passionate and committed to the child's well being, and who always have their eye on the ultimate prize of the child's thriving success. This site/blog fosters several areas that The Fostering Mom believes are essential and valuable in supporting a child, parental and family success. Fostering faith, music education (quality music experiences), a healthy child-hood oriented environment, a strong, healthy marriage, and family togetherness. As a seasoned foster adopt parent, as well as Foster Care Alumni, The FOSTERING MOM is committed to advocacy efforts for child-welfare issues, foster care and adoption. This site offers practical and motivational information about these relevant and important issues. As a writer, The Fostering Mom also values poetry and early literacy, as well as chess, and other "helpers," that give children a boon to greater successes in all areas. This site will reference these ideas and offer tidbits to support these concepts and give parents food for thought, as well as "take and go" information that can be employed right away as a parent may determine useful.
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The Fostering Mom - Connie Kerbs, Writer, Clayton, United States

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