EDventure, Islamabad, Pakistan

Education Daycare and Pre-school EDventure is an initiative by a group of education experts, teachers and academics with a view to reforming the current education system and challenging the mainstream teaching philosophy. We believe in harnessing young minds to achieve the very best of their abilities at their own pace. Each child is special and our small classrooms ensure every child is paid individual attention. Learning should not be not a tiresome activity, which burdens young minds and at Edventure we believe in going the extra mile to cater to the unique learning needs of your child. We lay great emphasis on academic competitiveness and at the same time our goal is to empower children to think creatively, pursue sciences, arts, languages and music simultaneously and adjust to the future of being a global citizen. We offer a range of learning options to children of ages 3 and above and our teaching model and curriculum is designed to meet international standards be it the IB system, Project based learning or the GCSE system. Our teachers are professionals with a high record of excellence and a wealth of teaching experience. We promise you that with us each day will be fun, exciting and EDventurous ! Hno.13, St 8, F-7/3, Islamabad 44000 Islamabad Pakistan Call: 051 2610801
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EDventure, Islamabad, Pakistan

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