AOK Business Services LLC, Philadelphia, United States

AOK Business Services, LLC is a service provider whose mission is to provide small businesses with tools for profit or nonprofit development History of AOK Business Services LLC Alletta Parris-Olday realizes that the saying “Cash is King” has been replaced with” cash was king but credit is everything”. Born out of personal experiences, Alletta Parris-Olday realized that education and resources are available, however most people don’t have the information or no how to access the information. Due to a medical condition Alletta was placed in a nursing home. What started as a 6 months stay turned into a 2 year sojourn. While in the nursing home I became a victim of identity theft . I lost my home, car and other valuable possessions. Upon my release, I had to start from scratch and wasn’t quite sure how to rebuild my financial life for a better future. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and my willingness to fight for my rights, I learned many invaluable lessons about making preparations for future security. I wanted to share my new found knowledge. I involved myself with Financial Education services where I learned just how important credit really is to everyday living. I also learned the importance of identity theft protection, protecting my assets, managing finances, developing a plan of action that secures the future, and creating a legacy through wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. I started teaching credit seminars to youth and realized that we have to go back to basics and teach families in the community how to become sustainable. This then helps keep employment in our neighborhoods and small businesses viable. This became my passion and my mission to give back and remain an integral part of the community where I live, love and serve. Out of this adversity came AOK business Services LLC. 257 S 60th St 19139 Philadelphia United States Call: (215) 472-2568
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AOK Business Services LLC, Philadelphia, United States

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