Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is a 2006 television animated film adaptation of the DC Comics superhero team Teen Titans. It is set in the milieu of the animated series' Teen Titans that ran from 2003-2006. The film premiered on Cartoon Network on September 15, 2006 and on Kids' WB on September 16, 2006. Teen Titans head writer David Slack returned for this movie, having left the series after its fourth season (which was intended to be the last season of the show). Clips from the movie were later re-used in Teen Titans Go! episode "Dreams", as a dream Robin had in that episode.PlotJump City is attacked by a Japanese ninja called Saico-Tek. The Teen Titans manage to capture him, having their tower damaged. Under interrogation, Saico-Tek reveals the identity of the one who sent him - Brushogun -; then he ruptures the room's fire extinguisher system and mysteriously vanishes. Subsequently, the Titans head to Tokyo, Japan, to search for his master.Upon arriving Tokyo, after overcoming the language barrier (Starfire kisses a Japanese boy and learns how to speak Japanese, much to Robin's shock and jealousy) and fighting a Godzilla-like giant reptile, the Titans meet Tokyo's own supernatural defense force - the Tokyo Troopers - led by Commander Uehara Daizo. He shows the Titans around the Tokyo Troopers headquarters, and when Robin questions him on Brushogun, Daizo claims that Brushogun is nothing more than an urban legend.
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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

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