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The Brazilian edition of Playboy is a local franchise of Playboy magazine. Estabilished in 1975 by Editora Abril, it was only the fourth overall international version of the magazine, following Germany, Italy and France.HistoryWhen Editora Abril founder Victor Civita asked his son Roberto Civita to drop his job at the Tokyo offices of Time in 1958 to instead join him at Abril, Roberto accepted on the condition that he could create three new publications: a Time-like weekly news magazine, a Fortune-like business magazine, and the last of those to get into print, a local issue of Playboy.By the mid-1970s, Roberto had struck a deal with Playboy Enterprises, and was asked by his father to consult the Ministry of Justice given the military dictatorship in place had a censorship policy on the press. Minister Armando Falcão vetoed the publication, saying that "no publication under the name Playboy in Brazil, no matter its content." Seeing a loophole, Roberto submitted the already done preprint for issue 1 under the name A Revista do Homem (Men's Magazine), and got approved. The first issue of Homem got on newsstands in August 1975, and the magazine was allowed to use its trademark name only as of 1980.
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Playboy magazine

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