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SAVEUR is a magazine for people who experience the world through food first. We're savoring a world of authentic cuisine. Welcome to the SAVEUR Facebook community! It is our mission to explore and celebrate the world of food, whether it’s a barbecue stand in South Carolina or a twenty-course meal in Paris; street food in Malaysia or a Tuesday-night casserole in the Midwest. We're excited to use this space to exchange thoughts and ideas with you. Keep in mind that by posting to SAVEUR's Facebook page, you give permission to Bonnier Corporation, publisher of SAVEUR, to publish any of your content in SAVEUR's print and/or digital assets. It is also our goal to keep this Facebook page appropriate for all. The SAVEUR and Bonnier Corporation teams will monitor this page according to Facebook’s terms and conditions. That said, we have the right to remove any posts containing abusive or offensive language, spam or non-sponsored advertising, and repeated off-topic comments. In the case of repeated issues from a user, we may choose to block that user per Facebook's terms and conditions. Please help us keep this Facebook community functioning as a place where we all feel comfortable connecting with our passion. If you have any questions, you can reach us at - The SAVEUR Team For customer service questions, including subscriptions, please contact:, 1-877-717-8925 (US), or Call: (212) 219-7400
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SAVEUR  Magazine, New York, United States

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