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The world's foremost authority on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and PS Vita: Hello, welcome and bienvenue to the Facebook group for PlayStation Official Magazine UK. Join up now to read exclusive mag blogs and chat with other readers. We'll also be bringing you insider gossip and sneak peeks at what's in the next issue. RULES: Please note that anything posted on this Facebook page or its discussion threads will be treated as a submission to PlayStation Official Magazine UK, made on the basis of a licence to publish the submission in the magazine and its licensed editions worldwide. Opinions are welcome but any sexist, racist or offensive comments will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to ban those who disobey the rules. Basically, be nice. Anyone posting links to, or offering links for, illegal websites, or using contacts made from the page to circulate such information, will be banned from the page. We will send you a message explaining why, and you will be reported to Facebook admins. If you're not sure, ask!
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