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The hottest magazines, flexi discs and tours in metal. What is Decibel? An important question. Decibel is an extremely extreme music and entertainment magazine based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2004 by a well-intentioned, somewhat studious (let’s not forget record-collecting) dude, Decibel’s credo was to examine and expose the best extreme music had to offer. We were the new kid on the block, but we knew our noise was louder and nastier than anything out there. To quote ourselves, Decibel was “the new noise.” Since our debut issue (the Dillinger Escape Plan, October 2004), Decibel went from the quiet longhair with the Entombed "Left Hand Path" T-shirt to the Grand Pontificator of all things metal. Now, when we speak, people listen. Maybe they heckle. But, nearly nine years later, Decibel is America’s only monthly metal magazine. Our guts, your glory. Each month, Decibel’s listening. Ears to the filthy ground. We pride ourselves in exploring the lurid, the outlandish, in hoisting the unsung. We’re intrepid and we know it. Decibel’s covered the controversial, too. Homosexuality in metal? Check. The relationship between metal and National Socialism? Check. Guys with inverted crosses burned into their foreheads? Check. Our revered Hall of Fame series explores and honors metal milestones. In fact, some of our most celebrated Hall of Fame stories made the magazine-to-book journey. "Precious Metal: Decibel Presents the Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces" (Da Capo) has been called “required reading,” “gripping” and, our favorite, “skull-crushing.” We also review musical instruments, movies and other diversions. Occasionally funny, but always insightful and informed, Decibel’s opinion is respected. Even revered. Maybe that’s why the Village Voice called us “the best music magazine around right now.” Portentous, not pretentious. Decibel’s galloping like Iron Maiden. Our website has been refashioned, the blog incessantly updated (often with curiously odd but cool stuff), the store restocked. Our social media presence is likeable, followable and friendable, and, best of all, subscribers receive a flexi disc with world-exclusive tunes in every issue of Decibel. Awesome! Download our complete 2015 media kit. Question about your subscription? Change of address? Call 215.625.9850 ext 105. Or email 1032 Arch St 3rd Floor 19107 Philadelphia United States Call: (215) 625-9850
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Decibel Magazine, Philadelphia, United States

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