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Classic Rock – The High Voltage Rock’N’Roll Magazine. House Rules: • Show respect for others and for yourself. Bullying, abuse, personal attacks or aggression to others will not be tolerated. • Mind your language: racist, defamatory, sexist, hateful or generally offensive comments will be deleted and may lead to a ban. • If a person or organisation hasn’t given you express permission to use his, her, or its name, photos, or audio/video content on our page, please don’t post it. • Don’t post any advertising, spam, or links to external sites we wouldn’t find cool. Nobody likes a spammer. • Don’t post personal information about yourself or anyone else that should remain private. If you do, we’ll remove it. If you do come across a comment on our page that you consider inappropriate, Facebook allows you to 'mark as spam' or 'report as abuse'. We both proactively and reactively moderate. Comments from fans on posts or on the page wall do not represent the views of Classic Rock Magazine.
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