DIG BMX Magazine, Glasgow, United Kingdom Fueling BMX Imagination since 1993. DIG is the Premier Online Source for BMX Videos, Photography, Interviews, and more. The troubled city of Belfast Northern Ireland may not seem the most logical place to have started an international BMX magazine in 1993 but then DIG Magazine has never been one to do things by the book. Created by Will Smyth as a reaction to the uninspiring european BMX media and the California-centric US titles available at the time, DIG has since become a truly influential BMX magazine respected in every corner of the BMX world. Continually leading the way with its creativity, design, photography and D.I.Y spirit, DIG is still inspiring people to ride and create… wherever in the world they may be. For riders by riders since day one. WORLD HQ: DIG BMX, Studio 153, 103 Byres Road G11 5HW Glasgow United Kingdom
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DIG BMX Magazine, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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