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World's Largest Powerboat Magazine. Check us out: and follow us at Welcome to the BOATING Facebook! Here you’ll get the boating lifestyle without the formality. From breaking news to jokes, new products to waterborne adventures, and serious tips to seasonal cheer. You’ll find it here. And you are encouraged to join our community. As with most enterprises, we have to throw in some legalese. So listen up. Post to the BOATING Facebook page, and you give permission to Bonnier Corporation, publisher of BOATING, to publish any of your content in BOATING's print and/or digital assets. It is also our goal to keep this Facebook page friendly as a raft-up at the sandbar. Boating and Bonnier Corporation teams will monitor this page according to Facebook’s terms and conditions. That said, we have the right to remove any posts containing abusive or offensive language, spam or non-sponsored advertising, and repeated off-topic comments. In the case of repeated issues from a user, we may choose to block that user per Facebook's terms and conditions. Translation? Play nice and keep it clean. Apply the courtesy you show out on the water here, and we’ll all get along fine. - The Boating Crew For customer service questions, including subscriptions, please contact:, 1-800-289-0399 (US), or
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