Interstate Twenty-four

Interstate 24 is an Interstate Highway in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. It runs diagonally from Interstate 57 to Chattanooga, Tennessee, at Interstate 75. As an even-numbered Interstate, it is signed as an east-west route, though the route follows a more southeast-northwest routing.Because the routing of I-24 is diagonal, the numbering is a bit unusual as it does not completely follow the Interstate Highway System numbering conventions.I-24 makes up the majority of a high-traffic corridor between St. Louis, Missouri, and Atlanta. This corridor utilizes Interstate 64 and Interstate 57 northwest of I-24, and Interstate 75 southeast of I-24.Route description|- |IL |38.73 |62.33 |- |KY |93.37 |150.26 |- |TN |180.16 |289.94 |- |GA |4.10 |6.60 |- |Total |316.36 |509.13 |}IllinoisIn the state of Illinois, Interstate 24 is a remote, four-lane freeway that travels through hilly rural southern Illinois and the Shawnee National Forest. There are only five mainline exits; of those five, four have services. Interstate 24 crosses into Kentucky via the Interstate 24 Bridge from Metropolis, Illinois, to Paducah, Kentucky.
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Interstate Twenty-four

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