Route 594, Chicago, United States

Interstate 190 is an intrastate Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Illinois. I-190 runs west from I-90 to O'Hare International Airport. This is a distance of. Interstate 190 is the westernmost leg of the Kennedy Expressway. This leg is often referred to as the O'Hare Expressway.Route descriptionInterstate 190 has two lanes in either direction between Interstate 90 and Interstate 294, and three lanes west of I-294. The freeway portion of I-190 consists largely of cloverleaf interchanges.Each road crossing I-190 is accessible via exit ramps. Not all interchanges are accessible in the same way from both directions, however. For example, the exit to southbound U.S. 12/45 traveling eastbound on I-190 requires exiting at Bessie Coleman Drive. Westbound, direct access is provided.There is no specific sign indicating Interstate 190's western terminus at O'Hare. Interstate-standard freeway ends roughly at the ramps to the upper (Departure) and lower (Arrival) loops. The freeway then resumes shortly after both loops merge to cross an emergency fire lane.The eastern terminus, I-90, is considered to be the origin point of the highway. Both exit numbers and mileage markers on roadside light fixtures ascend traveling westbound.HistoryThe highway that is now I-190 was signed as part of Illinois Route 194 from 1960 to 1970. In 1971, it was changed to Illinois Route 594. and was changed to I-190 around 1978 after the rest of Illinois 194 was changed to Interstate 90 in the mid to late 1970s.
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Route 594, Chicago, United States

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