The Kissling Interests, LLC., Buffalo, United States

Visit us at or call us at 716-853-2787 In November of 1996, fourth generation owner, Anthony M. Kissling, was ready to expand into cities located within a four hundred mile radius of Manhattan. Anthony and his son, Daniel S. Kissling, formed The Kissling Interests, LLC to acquire real estate outside of New York City. After looking at numerous metropolitan areas, Anthony and Daniel recognized a great deal of potential in Buffalo, NY. They were particularly interested in architecturally significant buildings that were built during Buffalo’s golden years between the late 1800's and the late 1920's. During that period, Buffalo was one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, and much of that wealth was invested in architecture. The Kissling Interests, LLC purchased its first building in May of 1999 and concentrated on buying historic apartment buildings located on or along Delaware Avenue in the city of Buffalo. The company completely renovated many of the buildings it purchased. These renovations included remodeling kitchens with dishwashers, updating bathrooms, installing thermo-pane windows, restoring mahogany doors and window trim, and refinishing hardwood floors. The Kissling Interests, LLC also installed new exterior entrance doors, refinished and redecorated hallways, invested in new buzzer/intercom security systems, repaved parking lots, replaced roofs, and installed new boilers, plumbing, and wiring. The Kissling Interests, LLC has every conceivable type of apartment, all of which are located in the finest sections of Buffalo. Every apartment comes with the company's guarantee of experienced, hands-on owner management. 298 Main St, Ste 222 14202 Buffalo United States Call: (716) 853-2787
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The Kissling Interests, LLC., Buffalo, United States

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