Midlands Diabetes Interest Group, Gweru, Zimbabwe

We raise awareness among people with diabetes, through the provision of support, education and practical advice in the community in which they live According to Zimbabwe statistics, there were 600 670 cases of diabetes in Zimbabwe in the year 2013. In the whole world, there are 280 million people who have diabetes and it is estimated that 592 million people will be living with diabetes by the year 2035. However in Zimbabwe it is estimated that above 450,000 of adults have diabetes which is not diagnosed. Due to these facts, the Midlands Diabetes Interest Group wants to embark on training programmes to bring awareness to the thousands of people who may be affected by this condition and those who are prone to diabetes where prevention is possible. MidDIG offers comprehensive care of complex cases of diabetes and preventive management for patients with diabetes and attention to pre-diabetic conditions in the Midlands province. MidDIG offers services in nursing case management and education, and nutrition counseling. A collaborative effort will be developed to improve diabetes patients lifestyle and to engage them with entrepreneurial skills development for self-sustenance of those individuals affected by this condition. Call: +263772632580
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Midlands Diabetes Interest Group, Gweru, Zimbabwe

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