Life More Interesting, Adelaide, Australia

A Renewal SA project, Bowden is Adelaide's most exciting and innovative place to live with a focus on people and where life will be more interesting. Bowden is redefining the way people live in Adelaide. Contemporary apartment buildings, walkable tree-lined streets dotted with fresh street art, bike trails, a pedestrian bridge to access the city and public transport are all part of the distinctive and remarkable vision being realised. Since Renewal SA acquired the 16.3 ha site Bowden has begun its transformation into a vibrant inner-city destination blending history and culture with high quality architecture and sustainability. Bowden redefines space and living, building a community where people can live without a car yet stay connected in every way. 3,500 residents will soon call this place home, availing themselves of the cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, parks and gardens on their doorstep. This is a charismatic, commercially-viable neighbourhood where flexibility is key to addressing market shifts and demographic changes. Each day Bowden makes good on its offer of a ‘life more interesting’, providing an innovative residential precinct for people from all walks of life to enjoy. 19 Park Terrace, Bowden 5007 Adelaide Australia Call: 1800 269 336
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Life More Interesting, Adelaide, Australia

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