Alliance Petroleum Interests, Dallas, United States

Alliance Petroleum Interests serves as the Managing Venturer of Oil and Gas General Partnerships, otherwise known as Joint Ventures, for the exploration, development and acquisition of domestic oil and gas reserves primarily located in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. We have acquired acreage in some of these areas with plans to continue our aggressive expansion campaign for many years to come. We are also actively exploring strategic opportunities to expand our exploration and development activities to other proven oil and gas plays throughout the country. We will always seek to ensure that the geological and geophysical attributes of a prospect or area we have selected meet our stringent criteria for improving the likelihood of geologic and financial success for our Partners. The owners of Alliance Petroleum Interests have a long track record in the oil industry dating back to childhood. We attribute our success over the years to the open and transparent relationships we have always maintained with our accredited Partners – relationships built on mutual trust and respect earned through operating with honesty and integrity. The name Alliance was strategically selected, because that is our number one goal. Our Alliance within the industry and our Alliance with our partners is the very key to our success. 8330 LBJ Fwy, # 950 75243 Dallas United States Call: (469) 249-8985
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Alliance Petroleum Interests, Dallas, United States

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