mohan overseas education, Hyderabad, India

First time in Hyderabad! Free processing for MS IN USA with ASSURED I-20s in Top UNIVS, Expert VISA Guidance. Cont: Mohan Overseas: +919966776433 In Year-2008 we planned set up an overseas educational consultancy where students can get the best service ever. In a month, after starting a new firm named Mohan Overseas we got a good response from the students in Hyderabad. Friends helped us in promoting the business through forums on web, sending sms, mails to the students and many other sources. we are thankful to them that they have done the promotion of Mohan Overseas at its best. Slowly we started recruiting the staff for Mohan Overseas. Initially, we started by helping family, friends and relatives in getting admitted to universities and colleges in the U.S. It was just out of passion that we helped few students who approached us. Initially, no fee was requested from the applicants because the service wasn't meant for business. 1-1-379/215,SRT-365, G-2 500020 Hyderabad India Call: 9966776433
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mohan overseas education, Hyderabad, India

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