STI Education, Yangon, Myanmar

Higher Education Institution providing globally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate programs. STI was founded with the commitment of providing high quality professional courses and internationally renowned academic programs. As a knowledge hub, it offers teacher training programs, a wide range of business and technology curriculum, and provides its students with the critical thinking skills needed in today's global market. STI's phenomenal faculty deliver extraordinary professionals to the Myanmar industry, as well as international organizations. We have graduate professionals working at the Ministry of Information, Universities throughout the globe, the American Embassy, International Airlines and various health organizations, just to name a few. Building-2, Phase-3, MICT Park, University Hlaing Campus 11052 Yangon Myanmar Call: 951-50 70 46/ 50 70 48/ 50 71 51/ 50 71 52/ 377 988
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STI Education, Yangon, Myanmar

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