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This is the official Visit Greece page, created by the Greek National Tourism Organisation web team and cared for by all those who love Greece. Visit for more and follow us on twitter at Join us to share and discover the hidden secrets and celebrated beauties that make Greece a destination so vibrant and exhilarating you may never want to leave. Share with us your experiences or your questions, inspire others and be inspired to make a journey that will stay in your heart for ever. You are welcome to discuss, share and post stories, images and videos. Please keep it appropriate for all and relevant to this page and take into consideration that we may use your material posted here to compile VisitGreece wall posts and photo albums, that may be visible to non-fans. The Greek National Tourism Organisation is not responsible for posted content and may delete posts, comments, images and videos that are: · inappropriate, hateful, racist, vulgar, or insulting to peoples, religions, places or ideas · irrelevant to the scope of the page and to the interests of its fans · soliciting, advertising or promoting specific businesses, travel related or otherwise. We understand and sympathise with your love of our little friends, as Greeks are known to love and care for their pets and other domestic animals. However, this page is not the place to post rumors, accusations and generalizations, all the more since this is a travel page, not an animal rights one. If you have a specific case to report, please do so by addressing it to the authorities responsible (local police departments / municipal authorities). Tsocha An. 7 11521 Athens Greece Call: +308707000
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Visit Greece, Athens, Greece

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