The Tamara Coorg, Kodagu, India

God created heaven and earth and then God created The Tamara Coorg, or so we like to believe.A pristine environment, a gently sloping topography, an east facing orientation and two waterfall streams flowing through means it is the perfect retreat. It is a tribute to the goodness of life , the vision embodiment & to the perseverance and hard work of our band of Engineers who faced a tough terrain and many challenges to create this beautiful space. The Tamara Coorg is truly a celebration of the elements and a treat to the tired spirit yearning to be nourished by the sound of bird song and water rush. Combined with the oxygen in the air, the heady elevation, the lush greenery, trekking trails, beautiful people, fine food and living spaces – designed to let the spirit soar. Kabbinakad Estate, Napoklu Nad Yavakapadi Village, Madikeri Taluk 571212 Kodagu India Call: 080 7107 7700
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The Tamara Coorg, Kodagu, India

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