Kyoto Fan, Kyoto-shi, Japan

Kyoto Fan is a fan page about the beautiful City of Kyoto and all the activities and locations to enjoy throughout the year. Kyoto Fan is an international community based around the city of Kyoto, Japan. We want this to be a space for sharing the culture, traditions, and day to day life that you can experience in this wonderful place. We provide videos, photographs, and information about a wide variety of events and sites so that no matter how far you are you can feel what makes Kyoto so special. About the Team Kyoto Fan was originally started in the summer of 2011, by a staff member at Niwaka Corporation. Thanks to the ever growing Kyoto Fan community, a new team, Discover Kyoto Media, was born in the summer of 2013. With a diverse staff made up of people from seven different countries, the team is committed to promoting and preserving Kyoto’s culture, tradition and beauty, and sharing it with all of you. Disclaimer Copyright 2011-2014 Niwaka corporation. All Rights Reserved. Niwaka Corporation owns the rights to all footage and photos. If you believe any photos or footage violates a subject’s normal expectation of privacy or is of any offense, please notify us. Contact us at: Kyoto Fanに掲載された写真は株式会社俄が撮影したものであり、その著作権は弊社に帰属します。 撮影にあたっては、肖像権、プライバシー等に十分配慮しおりますが、写真の削除を希望される方は下記にご連絡ください。被写体ご本人様であることを確認させて頂いた上、速やかに対処致します。 【削除依頼等お問い合わせ先】
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Kyoto Fan, Kyoto-shi, Japan

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