Afrikaya Leisure Travel-Safaris, Holidays, Beaches, Durban, South Africa

Choose Afrikaya Leisure Travel for unique and relaxing tours through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique. We are a specialized company in Southern Africa. We choose preferably for a quiet building vacation, allowing you to see where there is much to enjoy, and also the time to enjoy yourself. The mileage will be kept as short as possible. We are working with preferably small-scale structures, with a good location, where hospitality, service and customer orientation still means something. Most of these locations and owners we know personally. We are not using other tour operators, but directly. As a result, we have direct influence on the route, price and quality, in particular, we will be able to plan and be flexible with independent advice. You get both with group travel as individual travel to all the space that suits your needs. We attach great importance to personal service and accompany our group travel preferably itself. 11 Armadale rd 4094 Durban South Africa Call: +27 (0) 72 140 8109
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Afrikaya Leisure Travel-Safaris, Holidays, Beaches, Durban, South Africa

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