Animal Place, Grass Valley, United States

Animal Place provides safe haven to hundreds of abused farmed animals at our 600-acre Grass Valley sanctuary, and nurtures compassion through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle. We also operate a 60-acre farmed animal adoption center in Vacaville, CA. Commenting Policy: Our page is for supporters of Animal Place. We love engaging discussion and sharing of opinions - we encourage you to do just that! However, we reserve the right to remove comments or posts that contain the following: - mocking of rescued animals (e.g. "bacon!" "looks tasty") - promotion of violence towards nonhumans - spam - personal attacks - off-topic - encouraging or promoting illegal activities Anyone leaving an inflammatory, callous comment encouraging the consumption of any of the rescued animals at Animal Place will be permanently banned. If you have questions, email Thank you! 17314 McCourtney Rd 95949 Grass Valley United States Call: (530) 477-1757
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Animal Place, Grass Valley, United States

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