Team Works Sports Academy, LLC, Wyomissing, United States

Training for The Athlete. Team Works Sports Academy provides custom sports & leadership training programs for ages: 3 & Up. Team Works Sports Academy, LLC was founded by Andrew Haas and Clarence Curry III to provide a positive force in a student's education that goes beyond the classroom allowing them to excel in life following school. We, at Team Works (TW), believe that sports can build character but only a conscious effort in both words and actions will foster this growth. Team Works will make an effort to help athletes develop self-confidence, resilience, teamwork, mental toughness, self control and respect for others. To achieve our mission of building character through sports, we believe the value we provide must go beyond the game itself. We focus on FUNdamentals: how the game is played, how much fun sports can be and how easy we can make it for the parents. Team Works offers an alternative to the disorganized, win-at-all-cost culture that permeates youth sports programs by providing a customer experience that delivers fun and convenience while promoting good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles. Call: (570) 617-8221
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Team Works Sports Academy, LLC, Wyomissing, United States

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