Teb Sha, Pristina, Kosovo

TEB Bank Our vision: To be the best bank in Kosovo The bankers at TEB aim to generate the best outcomes for our clients, shareholders, employees and society. Today, we are one of the country’s leading banks. But our ambition is much greater: we aim and are confidently on our way to being the best bank in Kosovo. How do we do that? ‘Banking’ covers a very wide range of different services, everything from ensuring you can withdraw cash from your local ATM, use your Starcard or arrange corporate and trade finance, right through to agricultural loans. That means our bankers have to have a broad range of banking knowledge and expertise. What makes us different is our passion and dedication when it comes to offering you financial solutions that are creative and responsible. TEB operates according to well-defined principles. TEB has already established a sound reputation for trust, leadership and innovation – these values are reflected in all our activities. Corporate values have been derived from these principles based on responsibility to society as a whole and to the environment. -How we performed in 2012 We operate in every segment of the banking sector: Corporate, Commercial, SME and Individual Banking. Providing innovative and practical products and services, we distinguish our activities in the market place through our customer-centric approach, driven by a dynamic business model and advanced technological infrastructure. After only five years of operation in Kosovo, in 2012 we have achieved a 14% market share in loans and a 12% market share in deposits. As a result, we are now one of the major players in the domestic financial sector. As in previous years, we have maintained our leading position in the credit-card business. Through Starcard, the first installment-based credit card in Kosovo, we have changed the spending behaviors of individual customers in the consumer market. Moreover, we have launched some of the most advanced and unique products in the market, including secure e-banking; advanced and fastest payment systems; innovative loans and deposits products. We provide our broad range of financial services in the Kosovo market through 23 branches and 433 dedicated employees, including Head Office Staff in Pristina. In addition to the traditional branch network, TEB also meets client needs through all delivery channels: retail and corporate e-banking, Call Center, 46 ATMs and more than 3,000 POSs. We are committed to protecting the environment and have introduced programs aimed at reducing our footprint. TEB strives to attract the best employees to serve clients and to create long-term value for shareholders. Award- Award for excellence 2013. Best Bank in Kosovo (Euromoney) Award- STP Excellence Award 2010, 2011, 2011. STP Excellence Award 99.96% (quality) for 2010 STP Excellence Award 99.98% (quality) for 2011 STP Excellence Award 100% (quality) for 2012 Rr. Agim Ramadani nr. 15 10000 Pristina Kosovo Call: 038230000
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Teb Sha, Pristina, Kosovo

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