Em&Em Equine Professional Services, Alton, United States

We specialize in keeping your horse well mannered, relaxed and happy. Services include Training,Barefoot Farrier, Equine Massage, Lessons,and more! At Em&Em Equine I specialize in providing the highest quality of care and instruction for the horses I work with and an equally high level of comfort and communication between their owners as well. As a professional trainer, massage therapist, instructor, rider, barefoot farrier and more I am equipped with certain skills that help to make both horse and owner feel more than comfortable with the work I am providing. Services can be tailored to fit the exact needs of each different horse. I will come to you! PO Box 1226 03809 Alton United States Call: (603) 630-8681
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Em&Em Equine Professional Services, Alton, United States

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