Elsabe Pepler Professional Services, Cape Town, South Africa

Elsabe Pepler Professional Services: all types of Communication, Media, Design Thinking and Translation/Editing as well as coaching for ill people/families Services Translation, editing and proofreading: Translation (from Afrikaans to English, and English to Afrikaans), editing or proofreading of any documents, reports and (media) texts. Research and report-writing: Fast, penetrating and deep research on all Social Science and Humanity subjects, and particularly for film, creative writing, feature writing, political and gender issues, popular culture and critical discourse. Structuring and formatting of texts, especially theses and dissertations. Freelance and creative writing on any subject for any medium. (I have founded and launched a South African magazine, passi, in 2007 and conceptualized and edited the magazine. Proofreading of any documents in either Afrikaans or English. The appearance of any document and text can either leave a great impression, or one of total distrust because of spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes and sloppy formatting. Supervision support for postgraduates and assistance with proposal development. If a proposal for a master’s or doctoral degree is well-written, the first chapter is in essence also done and dusted. Lecturing and workshops in a multitude of subjects, of which Media Literacy and the development of Critical Thinking are my favourites in the fields of communication, media and writing. Curriculum development, module development and writing s – I have researched and written many modules and even full degree programs in a limited time for a multitude on subjects in the disciplines of Communication, Media Literacy, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Creativity, and Branding/MARKETING/Public Relations. I have extensive experience in the development of Research Methodology modules and programmes in both quantitative and qualitative research. Communication: if you find yourself stuck and lost in communication or translation or need to plan a crucial conversation, a bit of coaching could get you unstuck. Coaching for chronicallly ill people and those in chemotherapy: I have been through cancer and were quite sick for a long time, and can support sick people and their loves ones through coaching. Pinelands 7405 Cape Town South Africa Call: 27 083 273 9183
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Elsabe Pepler Professional Services, Cape Town, South Africa

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