Hernando Community Organizations Active in Disasters, Hernando, United States

MISSION: Hernando COAD helps connect people with resources in disasters WHAT: Hernando COAD connects people with resources after a disaster. Hernando COAD links individuals and families affected by disaster with local services and resources. Hernando COAD helps resources reach survivors in need. Hernando COAD coordinates disaster resources and streamlines services delivery. WHY: After a disaster, survivors begin getting their lives back to normal. But, for some people that’s hard to do because of access to services, their age, disabilities, language, complex health needs, or they live in rural or isolated areas. HOW: Hernando COAD does this by forming a network ahead of time with faith, business, health, social service, utilities, transportation, and government. Hernando COAD is committed to building a strong network because we know that not everyone will be able to quickly put their lives back together again after a disaster. WHO: Hernando COAD works on behalf of businesses to link workers with jobs, guide workers to education and training, and to facilitate business-to-business collaboration. WHEN: Hernando COAD works before, during and after a disaster to inform the community, so individuals are more self-sufficient and prepared. Hernando COAD trains with, and exercises with partners to make sure the community works together and bounces back. WHERE: Hernando COAD helps businesses, faith groups, health and medical, social services, utilities, transportation and government recover and rebuild better, stronger, & more capable. All this adds up to community and personal resiliency which makes Hernando County more prepared for any disaster that might happen. Call: 352-540-6822
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Hernando Community Organizations Active in Disasters, Hernando, United States

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