Beard's Cove Community Organization, Belfair, United States

Beard's Cove is a home owners association located in Belfair, Wa. Beard's Cove Property: 6 parks: Skipper Park (located off Captain Kidd. Amenities include saline pool, pool house, BBQ area, and fenced in), Davey Jones (located on Davey Jones Court. Known as "The Bump"), Harpoon (located on Harpoon Drive, not yet developed) Santa Maria (includes basketball court and large grassy field, fenced. Park equipment pending), Ulid (located between Brigadoon, Larson, and Cutlass, not yet developed) and the Lower Park (includes trails, beachfront property, bbq pits, keycard gated entrance, exclusive to BCCO current members. Slotted for renovation project in conjunction with GPC. GPC was awarded a Washington State grant to renovate the beach line for juvenile salmon habitat.) Beard's Cove is one of the largest HOAs in Mason County. The elected Board of Directors are responsible for the day to day business of the organization. Members are responsible to pay annual maintenance assessments and to participate in membership meetings. Participation at membership meetings is crucial to establish a quorum. Quorum is 55 members in person or by proxy. 31 NE Captain Kidd Ct 98528 Belfair United States Call: (206) 706-8000
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Beard's Cove Community Organization, Belfair, United States

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