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Integration is an international consultancy in strategy, management and operations. Integration is an international consultancy in strategy, management and operations whose passion for helping our industry leading clients means that our projects deliver more than just a recommendation – our advice is realistic, implementable and drives the results our clients need. Founded in 1995, we now have over 200 professionals spread across our offices in Latin America and Europe. Our track record includes projects for 500 leading organisations in more than 50 countries across Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We believe that true transformation takes place when ideas become reality. At the front of our mind when we begin every client engagement is the knowledge that, above all, our recommendation must be implementable. We work with a hands-on approach with clients to challenge, tailor and fine-tune our recommendations to ensure they are relevant, robust and realistic. We organise ourselves by areas of functional expertise: Marketing and Sales; Supply Chain; Finance and Management; and Implementation. By working across industries in this way, we are able to transfer ideas, best practices and learnings from one industry to another. This approach allows us to create true partnerships with our clients, to which we bring our deep functional know-how. Our values run through everything we do. We were founded on the principle that respect, honesty and cooperation are not just good for business, they are fundamental to sustainable professional relationships. This attitude helps us to engage our client’s organisation in the project to deliver results. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA TERMS OF USE This Integration Consulting page on Facebook encourages the interaction and sharing of publications, so we ask that Integration Consulting is mentioned as a source. All opinions are relevant to us, but we point out that the comments made here by our followers do not represent the opinion of Integration Consulting or its employees ( We will do everything possible to monitor each comment and conversation, but Integration warns users not to include content that fits into the categories below, and reserves the right to remove posts and comments which: - Are abusive, defamatory or obscene. - Are fraudulent, misleading or error-inducing. - Violate any intellectual property right or other rights. - Violate any law, norm or regulation. - Are offensive under any other aspect. We still reserve the right to modify this term if necessary, to adapt it to the eventual legislation changes or information practices. We rely on the collaboration, respect and mainly the participation of everyone!
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Integration Consulting

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