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My personal book review blog where I read books for the sheer love of reading and review them so I can share them with my friends and followers. I've always loved reading since my Mum taught this precocious only child to read at the age of 3 (to keep me out of her hair, and share her love of books). When I was at school I worked Saturdays as a library assistant, and continued full time after leaving school for 5 years, after which I went on to work for WH Smiths as a wholesale bookseller, I've also worked as a publishers area Rep. I now review all the books I've read so others might enjoy them too, and because I love finishing a book and talking about it but my husband doesn't read. I mainly enjoy psychological thrillers and chillers, books which can be described as Domestic Noir, dramatic womens fiction, a little quality romance and the odd historical drama. I'm selective as I'm not a fast reader but I'm always pleased to hear from publishers and authors who would like a book reviewing.
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Beadyjans Books my personal book review blog

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