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A page to share, be inspired, and reflect. For those affected by addiction and associated issues. A page for me to share my experience and journey. Addiction ... I am a recovering alcoholic. I also battled bulimia since the age of 13 and continue to practice a daily reprieve from disordered eating patterns. My name is Charlotte and I made the decision to start this page to help others. Helping others who perhaps like me made the brave step into the abyss known as 'Recovery'. For me addiction or my 'addictions' form part of many behaviours that I either choose to completely abstain from or practice managing them on a daily basis. Progress and acceptance are my main mantras for surviving and developing a strong sense of self esteem. I struggle, I get things wrong and I fuck up regularly. My sobriety is the most important aspect of my life and I count this to be the head of all the other addictions as alcohol is what caused me to experience the most negative consequences, pain, suffering and overall misery. Today I am sober, I work in substance misuse and I am a Mother to my 9 year old daughter. Being in recovery is challenging enough .. being a Mother in recovery is beautiful yet paradoxically brutal. I have good days and I have bloody awful days. That is the reality of living a life without using mind altering substances to change how I feel or squash down emotions that feel uncomfortable. Then there's the rest of them, food, spending, co-dependency, and all the others that are personal to us. I wanted to create something that helped others by speaking in a real way about real recovery the highs and lows and to reach out to people who I know from my own experience can feel incredibly lonely and isolated even when surrounded by a crowd of people. I live my life one day at a time I have followed 12 step recovery models and used other fantastic tools I have learned along the way. 'Butterfly' came from the thought of myself as the caterpillar who never thought she could be anything other then the labels of addiction - defined by what I did and how I reacted rather than everything else that I didn't know I was or could possibly become. The changes I experience as I progress in my recovery are limitless and astounding even when the days are darker and the light doesn't shine so brightly. This is why I develop my page to remind myself of the possibilities, embrace the challenges and share my experiences with those going through the same journey.
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Butterfly Personal Blog - Inspiration, Support and Encouragement.

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