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WARNING: There is only one way to contact The Loving Dom and that is via this page. I do NOT have a website, blog or contactable profile / email of any kind. If you see as such I guarantee, it will be fake and you will be talking to an imposter I am a Dominant and have been for quite some time. I have gained a myriad of experience down the years, some of it good and some of it not so good. But in that time, I have learned one very important lesson....we never stop learning. And it is for this reason I created this page; to help both new Dom/mes/subs and experienced ones (incl myself) gain a better appreciation of what being a Dominant is all about. Being a Dominant is not easy. It is fraught with issues, problems and challenges. Patience and sanity can often be tested but in the end, the result should be incredibly rewarding. Dominance is not just about an ability to tie knots and it is certainly not derived from barking orders to weak and vulnerable submissives. True unadulterated Dominance takes time, patience and effort to achieve. It also manifests itself in many ways, and who is to say what is right and what is wrong. No two Dominants are the same, just as no two submissives are the same either. Equally, the submissive has a role to play too. All to often I have seen bad subs make good Doms look and act bad. This is a two way street, and that must never be forgotten There are some basic tools and techniques to master but in the end, there is no substitute for time and effort. Personally I believe the best bdsm relationships are built on love, trust and responsibility, hence my title. But as I said, not everyone is the same, and who am I to judge what is right? Other views will be expressed on this page and they are all welcome (and probably correct) Ultimately, it is about one person behaving in a way that encourages another to submit themselves (mind, body and soul) to another person without question or argument. This is true Dominance, and when achieved it can be a truly beautiful mind blowing experience. Just remember, how we get there and what we do en route are merely stages of a much longer journey Sir.ADAM
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Personal blog  sir.adam

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