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Intend to find out the root of my Family Title - Parekkatt House. Anybody concerned, attached, or familiar with this name can contribute. "Parekkatt" my family name is little confusing, because I have come across similar family names as well as certain places known similarly. Since, I don't know much more about my ancestors, but I am confident that my Grand Father and his two brothers were not born in my native village called Moorkanad, and they came from somewhere else - perhaps a place called 'Parakkatt' or 'Parakkott' or 'Parakkod' or something similar to this name. In that case, another generations of my ancestors, relatives of my Grand Father are living somewhere else without knowing that we are related to each other. I would like to find out. Although I don't know much more about my Grand Father and his brothers as mentioned above, I shall enlighten little bit about them, and describe about everyone under this family name. If somebody find something interesting, and think there is some point to be considered seriously, please post your comments, feed backs .
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Parekkatt House - Personal Blog

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Found: 12.07.2015


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