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We are a writers conference whose format is accessible in cost, timing, and venues. We offer workshops in non-fiction, fiction, publishing and marketing. Have you been to other writers conferences and wished there were something "fresh and different" that would encourage, equip, and engage you as a writer? Writer to Writer conferences recognize the constantly changing nature of today’s publishing world and equip you to grow in your understanding and skills. Our theme, "from think to ink," expresses the process of going from idea to print—and everything in between. With the changes in our industry, you can no longer expect a publishing house to partner with you as it did with authors in days past. As in most industries, budget cuts and staff reductions have resulted in the need for authors to understand more of the process—"from think to ink." You need to be equipped as well as encouraged, and that is what atttending the Writer to Writer conferences can do for you. Our conferences focus on publishing strategies, promotions, marketing, branding, messaging, and author engagements. Writer to Writer conferences also focus on the nuts and bolts of getting published in today's industry, whether your preference is to get a book contract with a traditional publishing house or to publish independently. Tracks for fiction writers and nonfiction writers are designed with you, the author, in mind. For nonfiction writers, New York Times bestselling author Cecil (Cec) Murphey will be the keynote speaker. For fiction writers, we'll have the industry's brightest and best on hand. Meet industry experts face to face and spend time in classroom settings, as well as share meals together—all under one roof. And did we mention chocolate? That's right. Writer to Writer (January) will be held in the beautiful Hershey Lodge where chocolate is everywhere you look! Whether sipping on fresh hot cocoa or sitting in a comfy, chocolate-colored leather chair around the fireplace, the Hershey Lodge is the sweetest spot to be. In the Fall (September) enjoy the cool evenings and enjoy the changing leaves in beautiful Murfreesboro, TN (just outside of Nashville). While the market is changing, authors and publishers who have adapted to the new era of Christian publishing have found the future ripe with opportunity. Come be a part of the upcoming Writer to Writer conference. We will help you..."from think to ink." 200 West Bay Dr 33770 Largo United States Call: (727) 596-7625
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Writer to Writer, Largo, United States

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