Victoria Erickson, Writer, Austin, United States

Hi. My name is Victoria. I'm a Writer/Creative Content Specialist/Healer/Poet, and most importantly, your daily cup of universe. I spend a lot of time with words. I write for myself. I edit other peoples' content. I help brands and beings inject creativity into their public personas. I work with soon-to-be brides and grooms to find the perfect selection of sentences for their vows. I coach creative writing both in person and online. I love the way the sound, shape and texture of words can move off of a page and through a body, weaving through one's veins, circling to the heart. I also believe in wildness and wellness. Everything I do stems from these two words, for they are the two words that make up a life filled with fuel, with wisdom and with beauty. When you're creating and choosing paths from a primally intuitive place, life can be wondrously free, fiery, energetic, and extraordinary. I know. Seems radical. But it's real. I hold over a decade of experience in the holistic health and wellness industry and am also deeply involved with yoga, hence my focus on primal wellness. You can also find me + daily cups of universe in these places: I have a book being published this fall called Edge Of Wonder and will keep my page updated on that. I also co-lead live events such as retreats and seminars. Check this page and my website for more info on those:) Remember that it's beautiful to live in a body built for feeling, and live intensely on a planet exuding intensity.
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Victoria Erickson, Writer, Austin, United States

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