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Free-lance Writer. Educated lover of the F-word. & Yes, I AM one of those GD hippie-dippie bleeding heart liberals. So proceed with caution. So, welcome to My Page! If you're new around here, I should forewarn you that I am a Proud Bleeding Heart Liberal and Political News Junkie. I'm also an eternal optimist and most certainly a smart ass with a wicked sense of humor. I strongly believe in Freedom of Speech, and I truly love heartfelt, passionate debates. All views are welcome, but if you are faint of heart, or get easily offended by the F-bomb or strong language, then, well....this may not be your cup of tea. Sometimes my posts are light hearted and funny...sometimes they're serious, and sometimes they get downright HEATED....but I always welcome others' opinions and perspectives. Please share your brain....share your's all about communication and sharing. But, please note that I claim no ownership or responsibility for the opinions expressed on my page, other than my other words, don't come crying and whining to me because somebody hurt your little feelings on my page....Cowboy up, and Pull up your Big Girl Panties! If you are here to express your views, great! If the conversation gets intense (as it very often does) by all means, speak your peace....but if you're just here to be an asshole and spread hatefulness, can save that drama for your mama! Otherwise, let's rock this thing out!! So, what's on your mind today??
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Mindy Fischer, Writer

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