SkyWriter Twitter: @SkyWriterAZ Instagram: @SkyWriterAZ Booking: SkyWriter started creating music in 2007, after years of being a poet, the poems he had collected in his notebooks started to become songs. After his hobby of making music began to spread threw his home city, he was brought out to do shows around town, and quickly began making a name for himself and his live show. In 2010 SkyWriter released 'Part 1.5', a re-release of his 1st album (Part 1), and teamed up with DJ/Producer/Engineer MENIone, and Kontempt Studios. Since then he has hit the road on the "Eat Or Be Eaten", "Rhyme & Resin", "ERRLy Birds" & "No Time For Bullshit" Tours, Performing in over 40 cities across the country, Released 'Part 2' and 'The Ric Flair EP' in winter of 2013.
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