Gary Haynes Thriller Writer

Thriller writer. Find out more at Best-selling author of STATE OF HONOUR. STATE OF ATTACK is published by Harlequin (HarperCollins) on 6 February 2015. His books are described as: "Awesome adventures with countless twists and turns. Plots that seem as if they are lifted from today's news on the threat of terrorism." Gary "walked on the wild side" before deciding to study law at Warwick University and complete his postgraduate training at the College of Law. As a lawyer, he specializes in commercial dispute resolution. He is active on social media, comments upon Middle East politics, and keeps fit at his local boxing gym. He loves films, the music of Richard Wagner, Thai food and Portugal. Gary writes cinematic-style, intelligent, fast-paced, action-packed espionage/political/military thrillers. He is writing a series of novels based on his main character, Tom Dupree, a special agent in the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security. His favourite quote is: You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take.
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Gary Haynes Thriller Writer

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