Canada Immigration and Placements, Roxboro, Canada

website: To all our viewers hear in Canada and around the world. Canada Immigration & Placements is a group managed by Cisexperts/chrysostome & associates. We are associate of Immigration lawyer. We have 12 lawyers team. We provide all kind of immigration and Education placement in Biggest reputable and responsible Colleges. Our Expert team has 10 years of Experience. As a owner of CIS Expert / Chrysostom & Associates. I would like to invite all you friends for getting any kind of immigration service. We are not in business for recruiting students only, but..... Our main goal is to get immigration & provide best service with reasonable price. Do not hesitate to contact us. Tel: 438-938-7776 18g commercial center St. h8y2p2 Roxboro Canada Call: 438-938-7776
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Canada Immigration and Placements, Roxboro, Canada

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