Fashion - sustainable and organic clothes! About Public Places Public Places believe that public spaces are a gathering point for people to come together. The public spaces connect people culturally, and Public Places is an offspring of these environments. Public Places is a firm believer in sustainability, and all its dimensions – environmental, ecological, and socially. Daniel Skaale and Paulus Ekstrand are the founders of Public Places. They believe in CSR through companies and good stories. “We aim to have 100% sustainably products” Paulus says. This is Public Places primary priority. The textile industry is one the most polluted in the world, both in work condition and in environmentally discourse. “We have the ideology and the wiliness to change the world through good branding, Public Places, is for everyone who care” Says Daniel. Public Places style is classic with a bit of crazyness. It is very important to look good in jeans. Simple clothes is part of Public Places roots, both Daniel and Paulus is born and raised in Denmark. This has a long tradition for the unique Danish design. Public Places is simple, timeless and focusing on the small details. Daniel and Paulus are both men who have been around the world to search for inspiration. Paulus describe it “We live in a fast world today and with the new media like twitter and Facebook can we still get updates from Nepal, Bolivia or Faroe Islands within a second, where we find the perfect details to our clothes”. These platforms are important thing for Public Places, because people who help people to do good stuff get more creative.
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