Aerosol Awareness Stop the spraying in public places.

Aerosol sprays and and scented lotions can Seriously harm and even kill people! Please like my page and Join my movement in stopping the spraying of aerosol sprays in public places. I'm trying to get the word spread around that you should not spray,aerosol sprays in public!!!!!!!! Even scented lotion can harm people. People need to realize that spraying aerosol sprays can cause a serious allergic reaction and even kill someone!!! It even says on hair spray bottles that it can be harmful to some people!!!!Spraying it in your own home is one thing but there is no need to do it in public for others to smell/ ingest . There is no need to spray in public places like schools, work, public bathrooms, hospitals, buses and any public place. Any type of aerosol spray can harm people! Save it for your home just because it don't harm you does not mean it wont seriously harm others!!!!!!!!
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Aerosol Awareness Stop the spraying in public places.

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Found: 13.07.2015


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