Italy Sustainable Travel Are you Looking for something special? come to see our web site free to contact our location, and if you are looking for others places in Italy we can provide for you to find it, always special places, always special experiences. We are business mediator, not a travel agency, we promote this Special and Unexplored Italy. We do partnership with tour operator all around word and we solve problems concerning the research about special places, special experiential travel, or only we make the connection between this Italy and the rest of the word. If you want rediscover Italy we are your partner, we have a huge Dbase behind our web site...Italy Sustainable Travel is an agency which acts as a mediator between which is sustainable and quality in Italy and the client (tour operator, single travellers, families, food and artiginal distributors). Our objective is to show the world this vision of Italy – unique, invaluable and working to uphold and conserve its cultural and artistic heritage. It’s an Italy made of people who give value and dedication to this heritage. Tour operator We are mapping out all that is sustainable and of good quality in Italy. On our website you can find for your clients places to sleep, eat, do activities and shopping (periodically updated). With one click a map shows you all the destinations of sustainable Italy. With one click you can see the profiles of the associated businesses. With one click you can contact them. Would you like to create a unique and unforgettable trip to offer your clients? A “once in a lifetime” experience? A Grand Tour of Italy? A wedding which becomes an extraordinary experience? A weekend of enriching and incredible surprises? Italy Sustainable Travel is at your service. We have a very well researched database of all the best places, activities and local guides as well as being experts in creating tailor-made experiences for clients. With us and our partners you can create journeys in the most beautiful and sustainable destinations in Italy - the destinations where art and culture are at the core of people working to preserve their incredible Italian heritage. Taylor Made Travel Would you live to visit Italy in the way of the Grand Tour? To get to know the Italy made of people that you would otherwise never have heard of, where the cultural traditions are still very much alive? To live an experience which caters to all your five senses? To take a journey which gives you the options of rare and exlcusive places to stay, eat, shop and do activities in the places in Italy where sustainability and excellence are a given? Do you want to get to know and come into contact with the people in Italy who are working to protect and conserve their human, artistic and cultural heritage? Would you like to live a unique and unforgettable experience? Write to us and tell us what you want for your trip - we will construct for you a sustainable and invaluable experience. Product: Are you looking for italian sustainable product (craft, food, design)?Would you like this to arrive to your door? With us you have a vast selection of the best products from small family run businesses who work to maintain the high quality, authenticity and originality of Italian produce, often certified biological. With us it’s possibile to order online, or to learn of the places where you can find these products for yourselves. If you are a distributor we are at your service to help in the selection of the best quality sustainable products in Italy. Beyond the online shop, we have a extensive database of producers who are dedicated to making high quality Italian produce in a way that is respectful to nature. Each and every product has a story behind it, the story of Italian excellence.
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Italy Sustainable Travel

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