ASIA Community, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CARING and SHARING community of Asia Nations ASEAN: ONE caring and SHARING Community! Welcome to ASEAN Community Page! There are 5 administrators in each ASEAN nation, to all our beloved members and our page main objectives are: 1.)To spread more information to all Southeast Asian Ethnic Groups about ASEAN 2.)To make friends with our Co-ASEAN citizens and to the non-ASEAN members 3.)To make closer ties with other ASEAN countries and its citizens 4.)To prepare for ASEAN Economic Integration by 2015 5.)To support our governments and the ASEAN secretariat for the realization of an ASEAN COMMUNITY by 2015. E-mail : *** NOTE: All the Pictures, Videos, or Information is not owned by ASEAN Community page nor using to be owned or grab to be own but only the proposes are basically only for sharing. The Credit still to the owner of those Pictures, Videos and Information that we posted. Sometimes we put link where the Info came from but sometimes dont but still we give thanks and credit to the owner of those materials we shared and posted. _____________________________________________ Brief history: Our ASEAN Community Page was founded on August 13, 2011 to serve as the main engine for uniting the international youths from ASEAN nations together. The first administrator and the founder of this page was Admin Jirapat from the Kingdom of Thailand. The very first ideology of creating this page was simply to help the local Thai students to acquire more familiarity with English language, as that has been suggested by Jirapat's professor at his university. However, the ideology has been changed. Our current ideology of managing this page is to create a community where ASEAN citizens from all 10 member nations can freely join and own this page. We do not proclaim the ownership of our page to any individual person or any specific country. We would like to ensure that this page will belong to every international youths from around ASEAN, no matter what are their nationalities. Our page has been expanded from few members to reach more than 160,000 members, and we will continue to grow altogether with the developing economy of our nations. Currently, we have more than 55 administrators representing all 10 ASEAN nations to ensure that this page belongs to every ASEAN countries under the concept of equality, liberty, and freedom. Therefore, we do not belong to any specific nation, but we belong to Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. ♥ Please feel free to share your photos, comments, traditional cultures, experiences, and social perspectives from your home country with us. Thank you for your supports, Boon (Admin Thailand), on behalf of every other administrators representing ASEAN Community Page. ♥ #168, Street 168, Sangkat Phsar DeumThkov , Khan Chamkarmon 12037 Phnom Penh Cambodia
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ASIA Community, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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